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Winbak Farm has consistently been a top breeder in Ontario.

During the 20th century, the famed Armstrong Bros. Farm in Inglewood, Ontario, was the capital of standardbred breeding in Canada. Today, the 100-acre facility is now the home of Winbak Farm of Ontario. With the immediate success and popularity of the Ontario Sire Stakes program, Winbak Farm owner, Joe Thomson saw the opportunity for stallions possessing the highest quality in performance, pedigree and physical stature, to serve the needs of Canadian breeders. Winbak was Ontario's Top Breeder for Sires Stakes in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Ontario Sire Stakes have two levels, Gold and Grassroots. Two-year-old Ontario Sired horses can receive a 5% purse bonus on OSS earnings and also a 20% purse bonus on open overnight earnings in Ontario. Ontario Sired Rewards of 5% of a horse’s OSS earnings are paid to the Breeder of Record. Ontario Bred Rewards are paid to mare owners who enrolled their mare in the Ontario Resident Mare Program. They amount to 15% of what the foal makes in the OSS PLUS 15% of what they make in selected Open Stakes in Ontario. The mare must have been enrolled in the Program and resided in Ontario for 180 consecutive days surrounding foaling out in Ontario.


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StateGaitNameSireDamSire of Dam
CanadaPArtspeakWestern IdealThe Art MuseumArtsplace

CanadaPBetterthancheddarBettor's DelightLady Ashlee AnnCamtastic

CanadaPBettor's DelightCam's Card SharkClassic WishArmbro Emerson

CanadaPRoyal MattjestyMatt's ScooterLady HathawayNo Nukes

CanadaPShadow PlayThe PanderosaMatt's FillyMatt's Scooter

CanadaTAngus HallGarland LobellAmour AngusMagna Force

CanadaTArchangelCredit WinnerMichelle's AngelAndover Hall

CanadaTMy MVPCantab HallExceed ExpectationKadabra



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